An Appeal to You, My Fellow Americans

It’s far too easy for the working class American to become too involved in their own life. For our generation it has come time for us to have a hand in politics. We do not elect officials into office in order for them to carry out their own legislation, but rather to put forth the collectivized suggestions from the people to which their appointment is owed. If there are no suggestions given, if we do not exercise our voice as a people other than when we check a few boxes in a voting booth, then only the voice of those with agendas will be heard.  In many ways our rights are being threatened at this very moment. So let’s do something about corruption, let’s do something about greed, and let it be known that we as a people will hold our officials, our corporations, and ourselves responsible for whatever happens within our country, as we fight to uphold our civil liberties, and our way of life.

All of us must keep in mind the power we have to shape the world around us. Take the time to get educated as to what is going on in politics. Let’s not give anyone the opportunity to drive us into the ground as we go about our daily lives. Get your friends and your family involved. Be proactive, contact your representatives often. Make suggestions, give your opinion, and take control of your future and the future of our children.

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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