MLG Playlist Arrives for Halo Reach

Since it’s inception into the video game world, Halo Reach gamers have been waiting patiently for an MLG matchmaking playlist to be released. This playlist comes straight from the desk of the MLG, and it allows players to fight it out over Xbox Live to the maps and gametypes used at official MLG tournaments.

Three months later, the playlist has now arrived. For no extra cost players will see a new option in the matchmaking screen for this MLG playlist. Before you begin fragging other gamers, take a look at the tweaks MLG has made to the gameplay:

All Games Weapon Game Types Maps
Primary Weapon DMR MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Secondary Weapon None MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Melee Modifier 75% MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Reflection v2.0
Starting Equipment Sprint MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Player Speed 110% MLG CTF 3 v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Jump Height 110% MLG CTF 5 v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Player Gravity 150% MLG CTF 5 v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Motion Tracker Mode Off MLG One Flag v2.0 MLG Countdown 1F v2.0
Spartan Loadout 1, Name Marksman MLG One Flag v2.0 MLG Reflection v2.0
Spartan Loadout 1, Primary Weapon DMR MLG Bomb 3 v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Name Warden MLG Bomb 3 v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Primary Weapon Needle Rifle MLG Bomb 5 v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Equipment Sprint MLG Territories v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Spartan Loadouts 3-5 Hidden MLG Territories v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Suicide Penalty None MLG Oddball v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Betrayal Penalty None MLG Oddball v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Respawn Traits, Equipment Usage Disabled
Team Changing Not Allowed

This chart was taken directly from the MLG website. You’ll notice that both player speed and jump height have been increased, and the damage of melee attacks have been reduced. Study this map well to ensure your survival and your team’s victory.

For now only 4v4 battles are offered, and it’s assumed that a Free For All version will be released shortly.

The first few hours after its release, the MLG playlist was riddled with bugs. All of these have essentially been fixed since then, and in my opinion I think the playlist plays pretty well. I like that the MLG places a larger emphasis on the player and how he works with his team, as evidenced by changing most armor abilities to being acquired by pick up. Overall I find the gameplay  to be much more fast-paced and intense, and I highly recommend all Halo Reach fans try this playlist out.

For more information regarding the fine tuning of the MLG playlist, visit their website here.

To download the gametypes for playing local and online custom games, download them from the Bungie website here.

That’s it for this post, if you want to take on the MLG playlist alongside me then send a message to my gamertag Mikemagss on Xbox Live. I hope to see you online!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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