Mikemagss will be Temporarily Out of Service

On September 14th,

You can email me, Tweet me, write on my Facebook Page, and even send me a message on Youtube.

But on September 14th,

I won’t be replying to any of it.

Why? Because on September 14th,

I’ll be playing Halo Reach.

Halo Reach is the most anticipated game of 2010. Gamers around the world will cherish this day by locking themselves in their basements, forsaking all friends and family, and experiencing all that this game has to offer. From its compelling campaign to the robust set of multiplayer modes, this game is looking to become one of the greatest of all time.

Halo Reach Noble Six

This Game is Just Awesome

I plan on picking this game up on launch day (I’ve had it pre-ordered since mid June) and I cannot wait to just take it back to my dorm room, load it up, skip all my classes for that day, and just have a blast. If you’re like me and you plan on removing yourself from the outside world for this special occasion, make sure you warn your friends and family first. You don’t want them getting worried about you by not replying to their texts and calls because you were too busy working with your team to capture territories in invasion.

So on September 14th, the only way to get in contact with me will be to invite me to a game of Halo Reach on Xbox Live. If you haven’t already, send a friend request to Mikemagss.

Be sure to join my Facebook Page for the Halo Reach launch and spread awareness to friends and family that even though you may not respond to them, you’re still ok!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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