Will Click 4 Food - A Neobux Guide

This post isn’t a promo for a company that paid me off to review them, (I don’t do that, I intend to tell my readers exactly how I feel) it’s to encourage readers like you to get involved in an awesome moneymaking website that I actually use.

Recently I’ve signed up for the popular website NeobuxNeobux is a PTC (paid to click) program that offers incentives to its subscribers for clicking the links on its site.

Before I delve into the strategies behind Neobux, let me tell you a bit about how Neobux works, and how its become a great source of income for thousands of people.

About the Program:

Neobux has been around since 2008, and over the years it has developed into one of the most popular PTC programs in the world.

Companies and individuals pay to have links to their site placed on Neobux. As a member, you willget paid for every link you click. The rate for each click is specified by how long you must view the web page before that click is credited. Neobux offers three types of links: mini, standard, and extended exposure links. The longer you must view a web page, the more your account will be credited once the click is validated.

To get the most out of your clicking power, login to Neobux periodically to click on links that are only available for a limited time. (There will be a picture of a globe next to a limited time link)

Cashouts can be requested after your account has reached a balance of $2 more, and payments will be processed instantly through Paypal or Alertpay.

Renting Referrals:

The vast majority of a typical member’s earnings come not from their own clicks, but from their referrals’s. This is where the investing comes into play. Neobux allows its members to rent referrals. Whenever one of your referrals is credited for a valid click, you will be too.

In order for your account to match all of the clicks credited to your referrals, you must click all of the ads available to you.

Neobux gives you the tools to establish and maintain your own work force of referrals which will guide you toward success with this program.

Members are able to view statistics for each referral they own in order to pick out which ones to keep, and which ones to throw away. Got a bad referral? Neobux allows you to recycle that referral for a new one.

Guidelines for Success:

No matter how long you’ve been a member of Neobux, these simple guidelines will hold true:

  • When it comes time to renew your referrals, always renew for the maximum amount of time. (you’ll save the most)
  • Only use autopay if you will not be around to manually renew your referrals for the the maximum number of days. Autopay adds an additional day to the life of your referrals every day they click but at a price higher than the savings you’d get if you renewed them yourself.
  • Don’t over recycle. Only recycle referrals who have click averages less than 1 if you are a standard member and haven’t clicked between 5-10 days. After that it’s financially beneficial to wait for the free auto recycle feature to recycle the referral after they’ve gone 14 days without a click.
  • Use your earnings or invest in becoming a Golden Member. You’ll benefit by receiving double per referral click, making it much easier to turn a profit with Neobux.
  • Don’t quit your day job. In the beginning, accumulating earnings will be slow. Having a full time job to support your investments makes maxing out your Neobux earnings much easier.

By putting a little bit of time everyday into your Neobux account, and reinvesting your earnings into renting even more referrals, you’ll be on your way toward success with Neobux!

Think you’re ready to start earning alongside me? Click on any of the banners or follow the link below to get started!

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