If Usain Bolt was in Call of Duty…..

It’s great that the perk juggernaut in Call of Duty 4 was removed from Modern Warfare 2 (juggernaut gives the user more health). I can recall people with the perk equipped able to absorb bullets as if they ate them for breakfast. It made certain situations of the game very frustrating, and I’m glad that it is nowhere to be found in Modern Warfare 2.

However, a new trend has emerged in this game, knifing. The following perks: marathon (unlimited sprinting), light weight (faster movement speed), and commando (increased melee attack range) as well as equipping a pistol with tactical knife (which increases melee attack speed), combine to create a new breed of frustrating players.

This class, nicknamed a “ninja” class, lets players to run around maps nonstop and faster than anyone else, allowing them to run up to other players, knife them for an instant kill, then move on to the next victim. The most frustrating part of it all is when you see them goofily sprinting towards you so you strike them with a barrage of bullets which they just charge through and still hit you for an instant kill.

It’s almost comical imagining someone doing that in real life. With juggernaut I can imagine someone out on the battlefield having more health than others. But it makes me laugh every time I think about an intense, bloody military battle raging in the trenches and this one guy is just sprinting from one to the other knifing everyone. It’s ridiculous to call this game “modern warfare” or a “simulator” when this kind of technique is possible.

Further reenactments of the battlefield scene in my head brought to mind the one person who might actually be able to accomplish such a feat. Usain Bolt, the 2008 3 time Olympic gold medalist, and current “fastest man alive,” with the ability to run 200 meters in under 20 seconds, may very well be able to run around his opponents on the  battlefield.

In races he’s proven to have all of the abilities of the “ninja” class from Call of Duty. He has the ability to run great distances (marathon) at speeds much faster than anyone else (lightweight), with a last second lunge in order to cross the finish line in world record fashion (commando).

Now as far as the knife goes…..

Usain Bolt using ninja class perks

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