My First Post

Writing in my own blog was one of the main reasons why I wanted a website. It’s been some time now since its creation and I still have yet to publish my first post.

This isn’t a matter of not having enough time to write because of other engagements (It can be argued that I have too much time to myself) but because I have been at a loss as to how I should start my blog off. Establishing a blog that will be as diverse in its topics as I hope it will be makes it difficult to write a first post.

A first post is very critical to the longevity of a blog. It should not only summarize what the blogshould be all about, but it has the important role of hooking initial readers and establishing a following for that blog.

I hope that this blog can become a bridge between the myriad of thoughts and feelings that run through my mind and the people who read my posts. And with this first post I have done just that. I have talked about my difficulties of creating a post to start my blog off.

I hope this blog will be an enjoyable, thought provoking experience for all who read it. And with that, I am ready to begin my blogging career.

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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