An Appeal to You, My Fellow Americans

It’s far too easy for the working class American to become too involved in their own life. For our generation it has come time for us to have a hand in politics. We do not elect officials into office in order for them to carry out their own legislation, but rather to put forth the collectivized suggestions from the people to which their appointment is owed. If there are no suggestions given, if we do not exercise our voice as a people other than when we check a few boxes in a voting booth, then only the voice of those with agendas will be heard.  In many ways our rights are being threatened at this very moment. So let’s do something about corruption, let’s do something about greed, and let it be known that we as a people will hold our officials, our corporations, and ourselves responsible for whatever happens within our country, as we fight to uphold our civil liberties, and our way of life.

All of us must keep in mind the power we have to shape the world around us. Take the time to get educated as to what is going on in politics. Let’s not give anyone the opportunity to drive us into the ground as we go about our daily lives. Get your friends and your family involved. Be proactive, contact your representatives often. Make suggestions, give your opinion, and take control of your future and the future of our children.

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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MLG Playlist Arrives for Halo Reach

Since it’s inception into the video game world, Halo Reach gamers have been waiting patiently for an MLG matchmaking playlist to be released. This playlist comes straight from the desk of the MLG, and it allows players to fight it out over Xbox Live to the maps and gametypes used at official MLG tournaments.

Three months later, the playlist has now arrived. For no extra cost players will see a new option in the matchmaking screen for this MLG playlist. Before you begin fragging other gamers, take a look at the tweaks MLG has made to the gameplay:

All Games Weapon Game Types Maps
Primary Weapon DMR MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Secondary Weapon None MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Melee Modifier 75% MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Reflection v2.0
Starting Equipment Sprint MLG Team Slayer v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Player Speed 110% MLG CTF 3 v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Jump Height 110% MLG CTF 5 v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Player Gravity 150% MLG CTF 5 v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Motion Tracker Mode Off MLG One Flag v2.0 MLG Countdown 1F v2.0
Spartan Loadout 1, Name Marksman MLG One Flag v2.0 MLG Reflection v2.0
Spartan Loadout 1, Primary Weapon DMR MLG Bomb 3 v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Name Warden MLG Bomb 3 v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Primary Weapon Needle Rifle MLG Bomb 5 v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Spartan Loadout 2, Equipment Sprint MLG Territories v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Spartan Loadouts 3-5 Hidden MLG Territories v2.0 MLG Sanctuary v2.0
Suicide Penalty None MLG Oddball v2.0 MLG Countdown v2.0
Betrayal Penalty None MLG Oddball v2.0 MLG Zealot v2.0
Respawn Traits, Equipment Usage Disabled
Team Changing Not Allowed

This chart was taken directly from the MLG website. You’ll notice that both player speed and jump height have been increased, and the damage of melee attacks have been reduced. Study this map well to ensure your survival and your team’s victory.

For now only 4v4 battles are offered, and it’s assumed that a Free For All version will be released shortly.

The first few hours after its release, the MLG playlist was riddled with bugs. All of these have essentially been fixed since then, and in my opinion I think the playlist plays pretty well. I like that the MLG places a larger emphasis on the player and how he works with his team, as evidenced by changing most armor abilities to being acquired by pick up. Overall I find the gameplay  to be much more fast-paced and intense, and I highly recommend all Halo Reach fans try this playlist out.

For more information regarding the fine tuning of the MLG playlist, visit their website here.

To download the gametypes for playing local and online custom games, download them from the Bungie website here.

That’s it for this post, if you want to take on the MLG playlist alongside me then send a message to my gamertag Mikemagss on Xbox Live. I hope to see you online!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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Fable II is Free on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

With the release of Fable III less than two weeks away, it appears that Lionhead Studios and the Xbox Live Marketplace are offering Fable II for FREE for an undisclosed amount of time! The first chapter of Fable II has been free for some time now, but this download is for the full game. If you have the 6.59GB required to download this game, then grab it while you still can!

Many people are having trouble getting the download to work by manually finding the game on their Xbox 360 or online. It shows up as it’s retail price of $19.99. For guaranteed results, follow this link: Make sure to login to your Xbox Live Account, then you’ll be able to download the game to your Xbox 360.

I am downloading the game as I’m posting this, so for validity I’m including a photo below. You can compare the gamer picture to mine to be sure that this download is under my gamertag.  

I hope that all of you who haven’t yet picked this game up utilize this opportunity to download it for free because it won’t be around for long!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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Mikemagss will be Temporarily Out of Service

On September 14th,

You can email me, Tweet me, write on my Facebook Page, and even send me a message on Youtube.

But on September 14th,

I won’t be replying to any of it.

Why? Because on September 14th,

I’ll be playing Halo Reach.

Halo Reach is the most anticipated game of 2010. Gamers around the world will cherish this day by locking themselves in their basements, forsaking all friends and family, and experiencing all that this game has to offer. From its compelling campaign to the robust set of multiplayer modes, this game is looking to become one of the greatest of all time.

Halo Reach Noble Six

This Game is Just Awesome

I plan on picking this game up on launch day (I’ve had it pre-ordered since mid June) and I cannot wait to just take it back to my dorm room, load it up, skip all my classes for that day, and just have a blast. If you’re like me and you plan on removing yourself from the outside world for this special occasion, make sure you warn your friends and family first. You don’t want them getting worried about you by not replying to their texts and calls because you were too busy working with your team to capture territories in invasion.

So on September 14th, the only way to get in contact with me will be to invite me to a game of Halo Reach on Xbox Live. If you haven’t already, send a friend request to Mikemagss.

Be sure to join my Facebook Page for the Halo Reach launch and spread awareness to friends and family that even though you may not respond to them, you’re still ok!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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Back for Good

I just want to start off by saying that I give my sincerest apology to all of my readers for not writing a post in over 3 months.

I am so ashamed because it’s not like I didn’t have the time to post, I just didn’t feel like putting anymore time and effort into something that right now doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Every blogger who’s ever started off as a nobody faces this challenge but the ones who make it big are able to push through and just write because they enjoy it, whether anyone reads their posts or not.

Well I’m here today, to say that I’m here to stay, because I have a lot of great ideas to write about and I am ready to share them with all of you.

I regret abandoning all of you without notice, but this three month hiatus has been great for me because in the three months I’ve begun working at a summer job between college semesters and I’ve realized that working under an employer is just not right for me.

It’s not that I’m a bum who doesn’t want to work, it’s just that I have a hard time doing something that I am not personally or emotionally connected to.

I have no problem studying and doing my homework for school because I want to gain the knowledge that my classes have to offer because they overall make me a more informed and logical being.

I also never fail to work out for at least an hour everyday because I want the benefits of being a healthy person and a well conditioned athlete.

You hear people say that “life is too short” all the time. Well with this in mind I just have a mental block that prevents me from being able to go to work everyday and waste hours of my life doing something that I just do not want to do. And I know all the little mental tricks that people use to make them feel like they’re really doing something of use when they’re at work, but the bottom line is that I know that while I’m there I’m not in full control of my life and I cannot stand that feeling.

The final argument that I am working to make money is defeated because I personally do not care about money. If money were somehow able to be carried over after we died then I would invest my time in making money. But I do not personally find value in wasting precious years of my life trying to earn money through a job that I don’t enjoy when I can only use the money I’ve earned during my now even more limited lifetime.

The only way that I can see myself making money is through doing the things that I enjoy, which are: learning, sports, technology, and of course, blogging.

So here I am, back for good, and ready to do what I love. It will be a pleasure to write for you all again, and thank you for staying with me.

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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Will Click 4 Food - A Neobux Guide

This post isn’t a promo for a company that paid me off to review them, (I don’t do that, I intend to tell my readers exactly how I feel) it’s to encourage readers like you to get involved in an awesome moneymaking website that I actually use.

Recently I’ve signed up for the popular website NeobuxNeobux is a PTC (paid to click) program that offers incentives to its subscribers for clicking the links on its site.

Before I delve into the strategies behind Neobux, let me tell you a bit about how Neobux works, and how its become a great source of income for thousands of people.

About the Program:

Neobux has been around since 2008, and over the years it has developed into one of the most popular PTC programs in the world.

Companies and individuals pay to have links to their site placed on Neobux. As a member, you willget paid for every link you click. The rate for each click is specified by how long you must view the web page before that click is credited. Neobux offers three types of links: mini, standard, and extended exposure links. The longer you must view a web page, the more your account will be credited once the click is validated.

To get the most out of your clicking power, login to Neobux periodically to click on links that are only available for a limited time. (There will be a picture of a globe next to a limited time link)

Cashouts can be requested after your account has reached a balance of $2 more, and payments will be processed instantly through Paypal or Alertpay.

Renting Referrals:

The vast majority of a typical member’s earnings come not from their own clicks, but from their referrals’s. This is where the investing comes into play. Neobux allows its members to rent referrals. Whenever one of your referrals is credited for a valid click, you will be too.

In order for your account to match all of the clicks credited to your referrals, you must click all of the ads available to you.

Neobux gives you the tools to establish and maintain your own work force of referrals which will guide you toward success with this program.

Members are able to view statistics for each referral they own in order to pick out which ones to keep, and which ones to throw away. Got a bad referral? Neobux allows you to recycle that referral for a new one.

Guidelines for Success:

No matter how long you’ve been a member of Neobux, these simple guidelines will hold true:

  • When it comes time to renew your referrals, always renew for the maximum amount of time. (you’ll save the most)
  • Only use autopay if you will not be around to manually renew your referrals for the the maximum number of days. Autopay adds an additional day to the life of your referrals every day they click but at a price higher than the savings you’d get if you renewed them yourself.
  • Don’t over recycle. Only recycle referrals who have click averages less than 1 if you are a standard member and haven’t clicked between 5-10 days. After that it’s financially beneficial to wait for the free auto recycle feature to recycle the referral after they’ve gone 14 days without a click.
  • Use your earnings or invest in becoming a Golden Member. You’ll benefit by receiving double per referral click, making it much easier to turn a profit with Neobux.
  • Don’t quit your day job. In the beginning, accumulating earnings will be slow. Having a full time job to support your investments makes maxing out your Neobux earnings much easier.

By putting a little bit of time everyday into your Neobux account, and reinvesting your earnings into renting even more referrals, you’ll be on your way toward success with Neobux!

Think you’re ready to start earning alongside me? Click on any of the banners or follow the link below to get started!

Click Here to Sign Up!

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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If Usain Bolt was in Call of Duty…..

It’s great that the perk juggernaut in Call of Duty 4 was removed from Modern Warfare 2 (juggernaut gives the user more health). I can recall people with the perk equipped able to absorb bullets as if they ate them for breakfast. It made certain situations of the game very frustrating, and I’m glad that it is nowhere to be found in Modern Warfare 2.

However, a new trend has emerged in this game, knifing. The following perks: marathon (unlimited sprinting), light weight (faster movement speed), and commando (increased melee attack range) as well as equipping a pistol with tactical knife (which increases melee attack speed), combine to create a new breed of frustrating players.

This class, nicknamed a “ninja” class, lets players to run around maps nonstop and faster than anyone else, allowing them to run up to other players, knife them for an instant kill, then move on to the next victim. The most frustrating part of it all is when you see them goofily sprinting towards you so you strike them with a barrage of bullets which they just charge through and still hit you for an instant kill.

It’s almost comical imagining someone doing that in real life. With juggernaut I can imagine someone out on the battlefield having more health than others. But it makes me laugh every time I think about an intense, bloody military battle raging in the trenches and this one guy is just sprinting from one to the other knifing everyone. It’s ridiculous to call this game “modern warfare” or a “simulator” when this kind of technique is possible.

Further reenactments of the battlefield scene in my head brought to mind the one person who might actually be able to accomplish such a feat. Usain Bolt, the 2008 3 time Olympic gold medalist, and current “fastest man alive,” with the ability to run 200 meters in under 20 seconds, may very well be able to run around his opponents on the  battlefield.

In races he’s proven to have all of the abilities of the “ninja” class from Call of Duty. He has the ability to run great distances (marathon) at speeds much faster than anyone else (lightweight), with a last second lunge in order to cross the finish line in world record fashion (commando).

Now as far as the knife goes…..

Usain Bolt using ninja class perks

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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My First Post

Writing in my own blog was one of the main reasons why I wanted a website. It’s been some time now since its creation and I still have yet to publish my first post.

This isn’t a matter of not having enough time to write because of other engagements (It can be argued that I have too much time to myself) but because I have been at a loss as to how I should start my blog off. Establishing a blog that will be as diverse in its topics as I hope it will be makes it difficult to write a first post.

A first post is very critical to the longevity of a blog. It should not only summarize what the blogshould be all about, but it has the important role of hooking initial readers and establishing a following for that blog.

I hope that this blog can become a bridge between the myriad of thoughts and feelings that run through my mind and the people who read my posts. And with this first post I have done just that. I have talked about my difficulties of creating a post to start my blog off.

I hope this blog will be an enjoyable, thought provoking experience for all who read it. And with that, I am ready to begin my blogging career.

Thank you for reading The Mikemagss Blog.


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